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Psychology: Literature Searching: Business Psychology

Guide to using Libary resources for Psychology


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PowerPoint slides

Literature searching for SoSS subjects

Online tutorials

Literature searching for SoSS subjects

Citing & Referencing APA 7th


What is literature searching?

What’s available from the Library?

Why use library resource?

Finding library resources via the Information Services web pages  (demo)

Finding library resources from outside the Information Services web pages (demo)

Finding resources from off-campus

Some sources to consider

Books and journals 


Discovery-demo-finding known items

Discovery – finding ebooks off-campus

Discovery - finding journal articles off campus

Introduction to building a search strategy

Building your search terms

Using truncation and wildcards

Mindmapping your search

Applying limits to your search

Demo of building a topic search in Discovery

Where to search


              Beyond Discovery (specialist databases)

Business Source Premier demo (business specific search features)

Web of Science demo (cited reference search features)

PsycINFO demo (psychology specific search features)

ScienceDirect demo (related articles feature)

Getting the full text via library links

                Google Scholar and demo

                LibKey Nomad and demo

If we don’t have the full text

Reference management

Citing and Referencing guide and Cite Them Right Online resource

Citing and referencing APA

Further help

                Key contacts

                Key contacts: other campuses

Literature Searching -summary

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Selected videos

What's available from the Library

Building a psychology related search strategy using Discovery

Psychology related search features in PsycINFO specialist database