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EGIS selected books, journals and web resources: Comparative Urban Development (D49CP)

What's on this page?

Listed on this page are some suggested reading to help get you started.  These are NOT all of the resources you have access to and may not be the latest editions.

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Essential journal articles

Week 2

Kantor, P and Savitch, H.V. (2005) How to Study Comparative Urban Development in International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 29(1), pp. 135-51.

Week 6

Kantor, P and Savitch, H. V (1993) Can Politicians Bargain with Business? Urban Affairs Review 29(2), pp. 230-255.

Savitch, H. V. and Kantor, P (2002) Cities in the International Marketplace: The Political Economy of Urban Development in North America and Western Europe. Princeton: Princeton University Press, pp. 1-28.

Week 7

Lauermann J (2018) Municipal statecraft: revisiting the geographies of the entrepreneurial city. Progress in Human Geography 42(2): 205-224.

Peck J (2014) Entrepreneurial urbanism: between uncommon sense and dull compulsion. Geografiska Annaler B 96(4): 396-401.

Theodore N and Peck J (2012) Framing neoliberal urbanism: translating “common sense” urban policy across the OECD zone. European Urban and Regional Studies 19(1): 20-41.

Week 8

He, S (2019) The creative spatio-temporal fix: creative and cultural industries development in Shanghai, China. Geoforum, Vol. 106, pp 310-319.

Peck, J (2012) Recreative city: Amsterdam, vehicular ideas, and the adaptive spaces of creativity policy. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 36(3) pp. 462–485.

Scott, A. J (2006) Creative cities: conceptual issues and policy questions. Journal of Urban Affairs 28(1), pp. 1-17

Week 9

Ley L (2017) Global China and the making of Vancouver’s residential property market. International Journal of Housing Policy 17(1): 15–34

Ley, D (1980) Liberal ideology and the postindustrial city. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 70(2): 238–258

Peck, J, Siemiatycki E and Wyly E (2014) Vancouver’s suburban involution. City 18(4-5): 386-415

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Essential book chapters

Week 2

Lichbach, Mark I. and Alan S. Zuckerman. “Research Traditions and Theory in Comparative Politics: An Introduction.” in O’Neil, P. H and Ronald, R (eds) Essential Readings in Comparative Politics. 5th ed. New York: W.W. Norton. (note, this is available as a scan in Vision).

Robinson, J (2017) Comparison, Chapter 8, in Jayne, M and Ward, K (eds) (2017) Urban Theory: New Critical Perspectives. Routledge, London.

Week 6

Molotch, H (1990) “Urban Deals in Comparative Perspective.” in Logan, J. R and Swanstrom, T (eds) (1990) Beyond the City Limits, pp. 175-198. Philadelphia: Temple University Press.

Wilson, D (2017) Entrepreneurialism, Chapter 11 in Jayne, M and Ward, K (eds) (2017) Urban Theory: New Critical Perspectives. Routledge, London.

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