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EGIS selected books, journals and web resources: Regional and Strategic Planning (D49RS2)

What's on this page?

Listed on this page are some suggested reading to help get you started.  These are NOT all of the resources you have access to and may not be the latest editions.

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Recommended reading

There is no one textbook for the course, however, students are strongly recommended to purchase:

Week 1

What is Regional and Strategic Planning?

Introduction to course: aims and objectives, classes, assessment, reading etc.

Directed Reading

Week 2

The Emergence and Development of Regional Planning

Essential Seminar Reading/Listening/Viewing

Questions to be explored:

Define the regional problem (causes, consequences, solutions?); has the regional problem changed over times/space and how has regional planning/policy reflected this?

Directed Reading

Directed Viewing

Week 4

Methods and Techniques of Regional and Strategic Planning

Guest lecture, SDPA.  Reading given by guest speaker

Week 5

Fieldtrip (no class)

Week 7

UK Spatial Planning (Part 1)

Guest lecture, Edinburgh City Council (ECC) City Regional Planning

Week 8

Group project discussion

Week 9

UK Spatial Planning (Part 2)

Essential Seminar Reading/Listening

Themes to be addressed:

To what extent has the governance of the city become more entrepreneurial? What does the podcast tell us about the nature of city-regional development and planning?

Directed Reading

Week 10

European Spatial Planning

Essential Seminar Reading

Questions to be explored:

What is EDSP? What can the UK learn from it? Problems/issues with EDSP? What future for EDSP and the UK with the EU (post Brexit)?

Directed Reading

Scans in Vision

Boyle, M., McWilliams, C. and Rice, G. (2008) 'The spatialities of actually existing neoliberalism in glasgow, 1977 to present', Geografiska Annaler: Series B, Human Geography, 90(4), pp. 313-325.

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