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Psychology: C97SP

Guide to using Libary resources for Psychology


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Safari blocks "cross site tracking" by default, but this feature is used to give you access to the videos hosted on Microsoft Stream, so you will see a "it looks like a there's a problem" message. 

On the error message there is a link to "open in new window", which should open the video.  (If you wish to permit cross site tracking you can change this in your Safari settings.)

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These videos are only visible to Heriot-Watt staff and students.  If you are getting an error saying that the video can't be found, or any other errors, check whether you are logged into your Heriot-Watt account (and not an account for another university/your employer) by going to .

Selected videos

What's available from the Library

Building a psychology related search strategy using Discovery

Psychology related search features in PsycINFO specialist database

APA citing and referencing