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Independent Distance Learners (IDLs): Logging in to Library resources

A guide to Information Services support for HWU IDLs

Heriot Watt Username and Password

I do not know or have forgotten my username/password:

If you do not know your username/password, please contact:

If you have forgotten your password, but know your email address, then you can reset it here :

Accessing resources on and off-campus

When accessing Library resources, you should use the links from the:

When you click on a link off-campus (and for a limited number of resources when on-campus), you will see one of the screen options below, in both cases the username and password required are your Heriot-Watt username and password.

Option 1

Where possible, we have set up access via the following route:



Option 2

For resources where Option 1 is not possible, you wil have to do the following:

1) You will be asked to select ‘UK Access Management Federation’ or ‘UK Higher Education’ or 'Shibboleth log-in'.  You may see the screen below, or you may skip this step and be aksed to select your institution: 

2) When given the option, select ‘Heriot Watt University’ and you will see the screen below and should enter your HW un/pw.


Other off-campus routes

You can sometimes login to a resource directly from the provider by following the ‘Institution’ or ‘Shibboleth’ login (and then following Option 2 above), but this will differ slightly with each provider.  Therefore, the easiest way to access is via the IS links.