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Chemical and Process Engineering: More resources ...

Resources available from professional bodies

Joining a professional body often gives you access to extra resources:

Resource What is it? Useful for? Where from?
AccessEngineering 700 engineering eBooks. Engineering IMechE
Knovel eBooks, databases and technical data. Science and Engineering



Royal Society of Chemistry

SAE Mobilus SAE technical papers and current ground vehicle standards.

Aerospace engineering

Automotive engineering

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry Over 3,000 science and technology articles about Industrial Chemistry.  (We purchase Kirk-Othmer, a similar product, at Heriot-Watt.)

Chemical Engineering


Royal Society of Chemistry
Journals and eBooks Most professional bodies will provide access to journals and eBooks, which may be different to the Heriot-Watt subscriptions. All subjects Most professional bodies.

Professional bodies