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Chemical and Process Engineering: Chemical Prices

Finding Bulk Chemical Prices

Important: bulk chemical prices 

There is no single authoritative list of prices for bulk chemicals.  Bulk chemical prices are negotiated between the buyer and seller and are often kept confidential.  Most suppliers do not share a pricelist for their bulk chemicals.

  • Prices differ according to manufacturer, location, quantity, grade, delivery mode, time of year, and other variables.
  • Some chemical prices are volatile and change daily; others may be stable over long periods of time.
  • For assignments, it may be better to consider average prices over several months, rather than only looking at today’s price.
  • You should avoid using lab-quantity prices for plant estimation purposes. 

Students usually gather pricing information from trade publications, web searches, and tools like Discovery.  Some useful sources are given on this page.  Ask your campus librarian for help if you cannot find the information you need. 

Sources of Bulk Chemical Prices

Library Resources


Adjusting older prices

Lab Quantities

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