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How to cite and reference?

When we think about citing and referencing, we must think of 3 things:

1. Finding & Evaluating information

  • Make sure you are developing your understanding of a topic using appropriate academic and professional sources

2. When you want to cite and reference these sources

  • Make sure you have all of the necessary bibliographic details (Author, date, year, title etc)
  • Pick a referencing style (Author/Date or Numeric)
  • Format your citations and references in a CONSISTENT style

3. Note taking, academic writing (writing using sources) and academic integrity

  • How you take notes, critically evaluate sources and successfully include your own ideas and the ideas of others (without accidentally plagiarising)

For help with 1. Finding & Evaluating information, see:

For help with 2. When you want to cite and reference these sources, use EndNote and:

For help with 3. Note taking and academic writing (writing using sources) and academic integrity, we have lots of help on the Skills Hub:

For live classes on these topics see: