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Q: My citations and references are not being formatted correctly in Word

Your in-text citations and reference list are displayed/formatted according to the 'style' you have selected in the EndNote 21 toolbar:

From the 'Style:' drop-down menu, select the desired style.

Note: 'Cite Them Right-Harvard' is not the same as 'Harvard HWU Cite Them Right'.  'Cite Them Right-Harvard' does not actually match the guidance in Cite Them Right online and we have no control over this style.  This is why we recommend 'Harvard HWU Cite Them Right'.  

To see 'Harvard HWU Cite Them Right' in Word, see:

Q: My citations now look like e.g. {Hudders, 2014 #1947} and my reference list has disappeared

If your in-text citations are now displaying as curly brackets {}, you should click “Update Citations and Bibliography” on the EndNote toolbar in Word.

Also make sure that “Instant Formatting is On”:

Q: All my citations have vanished...

...and have been replaced with code

A: Press Alt+F9 on a Windows computer, or Option+F9 on a Mac.


...and instead now say { ADDIN EN.CITE }

A: Right click on the citation and choose “toggle field code”

Q: How do I add page numbers to my citations using Cite While Your Write (for Harvard)?

You add page numbers using 'Edit & Manage Citation(s)' in the EndNote 21 toolbar:

Click on the citation you wish to edit

In the ‘Edit Citation’ tab, we recommend that you insert page numbers in the ‘Suffix field in the format:

p. 23 for a single page or

pp. 26-36 for a page range

See Appendix A: How to enter/edit details into EndNote fields:

Q: I don’t see the 'HWU Harvard Cite Them Right' style in my EndNote 21 toolbar

To see 'Harvard HWU Cite Them Right' in your Word toolbar, see:

Q: My reference list has vanished and instead it says { ADDIN EN.REFLIST}

Right click on ADDIN EN.REFLIST and choose “toggle field code”

Q: Can I save my EndNote Library in the cloud?

This is not recommended as it may corrupt your files.

Q: Can I share my library or reference groups with others

Yes.  You can do this by syncing your EndNote 21 (desktop) Library with EndNote Online.


Q: How to do I set up an EndNote online account and why is this useful?

EndNote 21 (desktop) has many more features than EndNote Online, this is why we recommend you use EndNote Desktop 21 as your 'main' EndNote Library.  However, you can 'sync' this with your EndNote 21 (online) Library, which can then be your 'back up' library.  For further information on Syncing see:

Does EndNote 'Cite While You Write' work with Google Docs?

How can I get a word count that doesn't include my in-text citations?

Using the EndNote toolbar, you can temporarily switch your citation style to one that does not include in-text citations. We recommend 'Chicago 17th Footnote'.  You may wish to make a back up of your document first.

To change your citation style in Word, see above Q: My citations and references are not being formatted correctly in Word

Where can I get help using EndNote 21?

For installation help, contact the IT HelpDesk.

For help setting up and using EndNote, see our Training Materials section, or you may prefer to sign up to one of our EndNote classes, which we deliver regularly throughout the year as part of the Skills Hub programme. 

If you have a specific question, or if wish to arrange a class for a group of staff/students, please contact your Academic Librarian.