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What is syncing and why would I need to do it?

You should only have one EndNote Library. Multiple libraries inevitably means confusion with where references are saved, duplication and mistakes.  However, you can have the same EndNote Library available on more than one device, and to do this, you need to 'sync' your EndNote 21 (desktop) Library with EndNote 21 (online).  Syncing with EndNote 21 (online) also:

  • allows you to share your EndNote Library, or selected reference groups, with colleagues/friends
  • gives you access to 'Cite While You Write' for Google Docs
  • using the bookmarklet

If you have previously used EndNote Online/Basic and wish to start using EndNote Desktop, syncing will get all of your online library references into your new desktop library.

If you wish to sync your accounts, you do this within EndNote desktop.  See instructions at:

Where can I get help using EndNote 21?

For installation help, contact the IT HelpDesk.

For help setting up and using EndNote, see our Training Materials section, or you may prefer to sign up to one of our EndNote classes, which we deliver regularly throughout the year as part of the Skills Hub programme. 

If you have a specific question, or if wish to arrange a class for a group of staff/students, please contact your Academic Librarian.