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What is EndNote?

EndNote 20 is the reference management software provided by Heriot-Watt University, for free, to all staff and students.

What is reference management software?

Reference management software can help you collect and organise your references and ensure consistency with your in-text citations and reference list. Reference management software provides so much more than free citing and referencing tools.

How does EndNote work?

EndNote allows you to store in your ‘EndNote Library’ details of information sources. These can be typed in, or exported from compatible databases (e.g. Discovery, ScienceDirect, Springer, Scopus etc). Once in your Library, you can organise your references into folders, share reference lists with colleagues/friends, store PDFs and other files and add research notes.

Your EndNote Library and your Word document are linked via the EndNote toolbar, which you can use to insert references and format them according to your chosen citation style.

What is a Citation Style?

The citation style determines how your in-text citations and reference lists are displayed in Word.  There are over 7,000 citation styles built in to EndNote, so there should be one to suit. For those that wish to use a Harvard style, we would recommend that you use ‘Harvard HWU Cite Them Right’ (see 'Citation Styles' for more information).

How do I use/get EndNote 20?

EndNote 20 is available on all university-managed PCs and can also be installed on a personal device (see 'Access to EndNote' for more information).

Where can I get help using EndNote?

See our Training Materials section for help setting up and using EndNote, or you may prefer to sign up to one of our EndNote classes, which we deliver regularly throughout the year (see 'Skills Hub classes' for more information).

Alternatively, if you have a specific question, or if wish to arrange a class for a group of staff/students, please contact your Liaison Librarian.