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EGIS (Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society): Problems Accessing the Full-text

I'm logged in and can't access the full-text

  • The University Library provides access to lots of useful information, both in print and online.
  • We appreciate most of you will prefer to access the information you need online and will want to access it immediately. However, the Library does not subscribe to all the material you may find when searching online. Sometimes you may have to access material in print and sometimes you may have to request that we get it from another Library (or go to visit another Library yourself).
  • Therefore, if you have used the Library links, have logged-in and still can’t access the full-text online, you are probably trying to access something we don't have access to.
  • Always use
  • to see if we have access to the full-text in print, or online from another provider (if you are unsure, please contact the Library with details of what you are looking for).
  • If you have checked as above or checked with library staff, and we don’t have it at all, then you can request that we get it for you – for purchase in the Library or by borrowing it from another Library. For options, see: